Getting Started with Python - Teacher's Edition

Enabling individuals to teach their students the Python programming language

Getting started with Python is an introductory course to equip people with the basic feature set and syntax of programming with Python. The course has been proven in several workshops, and the material is now available under license to empower your students!


This is a beginner's course to familiarise students with programming in Python. Concepts covered include:

  1. Introduction to Python, where it came from and why
  2. Using Jupyter notebooks for easy program development
  3. All essential Python functionality such as:
    • All the essential data types such as numbers, strings, lists, tuples and dictionaries
    • Making decisions with if statements and other flow control structures
    • Reading and writing to files
    • Making functions that do useful things within programs
    • Putting functions together into Python modules

Interspersed with the course material is a set of interactive exercises to facilitate immediate application of the material covered. Additionally, the course includes a library of exercises with varying levels of difficulty.


Course material is packaged in the format of Jupyter notebooks. These notebooks are beautiful interactive web pages that group HTML content, Python code, and elements like LaTeX equations into one document. Notebooks are a really good teaching format because they allow the student to try things for themselves. Here is an example notebook from the course.

Software to display the notebooks is available free of charge to install on student computers. Alternatively, for a hassle free teaching experience a Jupyterhub cluster is available for hire from Pelagos for the duration of your class. It comes with all the necessary software pre-installed. Students can then access course material with just a modern web-browser.

License considerations

This license is for an individual to teach Getting Started with Python to their students. You will be free to make modifications to the course material and charge your students course fees. However the teacher's license is for an individual only and is not transferable to co-workers or any other third party. For greater use of the material among co-workers please contact us for a corporate plan.

Provided material

Included with the course is:

  • Installation instructions
  • Course material, including a library of exercises
  • A license certificate
  • An end user license to distribute to students

Further software support can be made available at a nominal hourly rate.

Your Instructor

Dr Toby Potter
Dr Toby Potter

Dr. Toby Potter is a computational physicist and proprietor of Pelagos Consulting and Education. He has a keen interest in using computers to solve problems and showing others how to do the same. Toby was formerly employed as a postdoctoral researcher in the Centre for Energy Geoscience at The University of Western Australia, and has been using Python on a daily basis since 2008. He is also a passionate science communicator, and regularly engages with industry and academia in both consulting and education roles.

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Phone number: +61 437 454 750

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What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
Why is the course a subscription?
The subscription license model is to resource the ongoing health and upkeep of the course.

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